Our Tritanius turnblades are manufactured in the Trimetall Technology. They comprise three parts (sandwich-type), wherein only the centre part is soft and flexible. Both cutting edges however consist of ultra-hardened HSS-M42 material (24 %). The cutting edges are furnished with a mirror/polish-ground cutting edge and a polished counter-ground cutting edge, which leads to significantly better planing results and a longer life.


querschnitt_terminus hs-hm

  • Superb fitting accuracy
  • Smooth, clean wood surface due to maximum sharpness and a high level of assurance against chipping
  • Longer product life due to extreme hardness of the cutting edge and 33 % higher alloying in TriHSS-M42 compared to simple HSS steel
  • Greater assurance against breakage due to the soft centre body
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Also available in carbide (T.C., HM)

We also supply planer cutter heads for the TERMINUS SYSTEM.