Barke-Carbide-reversible knives

Sharpness is essential!

Our programme encompasses standard and special reversible cutting edge plates in various type of carbide.


HC05, HC20, HC27, HC35

This is the grade most widely used for indexable knives and profile blanks. It performs well across the whole range of materials used today in the woodworking industry and kits the standard for performance and price.


This micrograin carbide is harder than HC05 and can increase tool life by 20% when used on MDF.


This is an even harder micrograin grade giving an increase of 50%in tool life compared with MG06. It allows longer production runs on MDF or HDF.


This ultra hard grade of carbide challenges the saying “Diamonds are forever”. Tests have shown tool life increased by 3 times compared to SMG02 or 9 times the life of standard grades. For cutting very hard materials this is an economical alternative to PCD with far less financial risk should breakage occur.


By virtue of its micrograin structure MG 18 is the optimum grade for 45° cutting edges. It creates an edge that is sharp, tough and hard wearing. This makes it ideal for machining hardwoods and brings the benefit of increased tool life.


This special grade has been developed to replace HSS and other materials. As with these materials, it has the ability to retain a sharp cutting edge but, being carbide, it far out performs them in terms of life and surface finish. With HE40, wedge angles of 55° are possible making in ideally suited for cutting soft woods.


New special chromium tungsten carbide grade:

  • covers 99% of all applications
  • more precise cutting edge execution due to submicron grade
  • high corrosion resistance due to special powder mix