Wood wool scratching knives from BARKE are suitable for all machine makes. All wood wool strands of a width of 0.8 mm and greater can be manufactured with them.

  • No individual insertion of the scratching knives – ready-to-use bars!
  • Best special steel, 4-cutting edge scratching knives and inclined position of the scratching knives provide = drawing cut = easy cutting
  • Thus, less waste , less power consumption, protection of the machine, more and better wood wool.


  • No need to sharpen the scratching knives
  • Use of individual scratching knives is eliminated – delivery made in compact, ready-to-use bars
  • 20 – 30 % less waste and dust
  • Life of the 4-tip scratching knives up to 300 hours, depending on the wood and type of wool
  • No sinking or turning of the scratching knives in the box
  • Weight of a complete box just around 5 kg (machine slide is protected)
  • Planer width can be increased by approx. 4 cm
  • Easy replacement of individual damaged scratching knives

Our 4-tip scratching kniveshave been used for many years in over 20 countries and have been proven in all aspects.